Vesicarum, Reign of Terror review (One Eyed Toad Records 2020)

The inaugural release from the Kent quintet Vesicarum makes you feel okay to be angry. Reign of Terror is a pool of vitriol to swim in while we wait for the world to open.

The “Fuck you I’m in a state of hate” lyric from the song “Midnight Slasher” gives you a good idea of this band’s attitude. The music is methodical, thumping and heavy. Lead singer Glynn Neve sounds like Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson looks. The guitarists are Martin Shipton and James Thompson, Orla Blue Reed slaps the bass and the drums are run by Donal McGee. There is a ton of rage packed into this twenty minute set.

The EP has four songs and a two minute cooldown piece at the end. The title track is a slow open, with a build-up death metal fans will recognize and embrace. After 50 seconds of warning you something is coming, the bass gains purpose, the drums start to pound, the guitars rack up a crunch, and Neve starts to sing. Next is “The Sick and the Depraved,” the single from the EP, and it is actively violent. It is also the source of the band’s anthem line, “And just like that another life has gone.” The stand out track for me is “Midnight Slasher,” because I think it creates the most tension and has the biggest punch. McGee’s rolling and punching drums are on exhibit here, and I do appreciate the lyric I mentioned earlier. “Early Warning Signs of a Serial Killer” has a nice punk feel to it, which is a good match to the cadence and the vocalizations. “Undivine End” is the place where you can let some of the negative emotions dredged up in the listening to drain into the ground so you can then get on with your day. Reign of Terror is a good set and a promising start for Vesicarum. Recommended.

Available Friday May 22 from One Eyed Toad Records, you can grab the digital for as little as £3 and Bandcamp.





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Vesicarum, Reign of Terror review (One Eyed Toad Records 2020)