Seer Of The Void, Mantra Monolith (Venerate Industries 2023)

Seer of the Void is back with more impressive doom metal on their second full-length album, Mantra Monolith.

From Athens, Greece, Seer of the Void has been around since 2019. Their debut album, Revenant (2020), was a strong signal that they were a force to be reckoned with in the heavy music community. The release of their sophomore album, Mantra Monolith, puts them squarely at the center of attention. The band is Greg “Maddog” Konstantaras (bass, vocals), John Amariotakis (guitar), and Ilias Samartzis (drums).

“Astride” wakens the beast with beautiful doom. Konstantaras’ vocals have a dramatic weight to them, a sort of guttural pleading that is not asking anything, but rather is a definitive instruction. The lead guitar is not what I was expecting – it is a lithe and deadly serpent, twisting and curling hypnotically. “Electric Father” takes a different tack. It is a curious inculcation of Black Sabbath and Weedeater with an Adriatic tincture for good measure. Odd and wonderful. “Death is my Name” brings a different kind of clash, with clickety-clack percussion giving way to an undulating, basal ululating musical metalation. Listen to the track and tell me I am wrong.

All eight pieces of the set have their own space to operate in, and each contributes essentially to the whole. The band namesake track, “Seer of The Void,” is a favorite of mine due to its charging, relentless nature. It is an excellent policy statement for the band. “Demon’s Hand” and “Hex” compete in heaviness, and the latter has the edge. “Necromancer” wraps the proceedings with determined grit and boundless energy. This is an album you don’t want to miss. Highly recommended.

Mantra Monolith is out on Friday, January 27th through Venerate Industries. Check out the label’s on-line store below.




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Seer Of The Void, Mantra Monolith (Venerate Industries 2023)