Tribunal, The Weight Of Remembrance (20 Buck Spin 2023)

The debut album from Tribunal is aswirl with hypnotic gothic doom, The Weight Of Remembrance.

Originating in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tribunal is a relatively new band, having formed only three years ago. Their focus is doom music, and they create it by integrating clean and coarse vocals, big doom guitar riffs, and classical instruments like piano and cello. The resulting composition are absolutely captivating, achieving an alchemical synergy that does not seem quite possible. Tribunal is Soren Mourne (bass, cello, vocals) and Etienne Flinn (guitar, vocals). Session musicians include Julia Geaman (drums), Claine Lamb (piano), and Rory Say (additional vocals).

“Initiation” opens the creaking doors and, given its effect, could not have been better titled because it does not merely introduce you to the music you be hearing for the next many minutes, it also prepares you for it. “Of Creeping Moss and Crumbled Stone” follows with a grand and sweeping hopelessness. The guitars are the driving force, and the vocals add tortured humanity to the music. “Apathy’s Keep” showcases the clean vocal, adding vile emanations to temper the sorrowful elixir. “Remembrance” is a short piano piece that raises the question of jeopardy amongst the decay.

The second half of the album holds more dark delights. “A World Beyond Shadow” is as stark as an arctic desert. Sinister whispers float in from the indeterminant nearness, exposing a dire possibility for the eventual destination of your soul. “Without Answer” pairs strings with gruff voice at its inception. Cautious vocals follow, tempered not by fear but by spiritual gravity. The final movement is the twelve-minute epic, “The Path.” The music is enthralling and, as I said at the beginning, hypnotic. The integration of classical instruments into a modern doom setting has been attempted before but rarely has achieved this level of success. This album should be at the top of the queue for every doom metal fan. Highly recommended.

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Tribunal, The Weight Of Remembrance (20 Buck Spin 2023)