SVNTH, Spring In Blue review (Transcending Records 2020)

Seventh Genocide returns with a sweeping new album that wraps a shroud around the twitching world and draws out both instance and meaning from the complex non-ness of our contemporaneous existence.

SVNTH, the shorthand for Seventh Genocide, is an Italian band that blends many musical styles into their compositions. Most often referred to as Atmospheric Metal or Post-Black Metal, you must expect to have a variegated listening experience when you drop the needle.

Spring In Blue is the third full-length album from Seventh Genocide, and the current line-up includes founder Rodolfo Ciuffo (bass, vocals, acoustic guitar), Valerio Primo (drums), Stefano Allegretti (guitar), and Jacopo Gianmaria Pepe (guitar). There have been many musicians who have played in the band over the years, but the arc of the musical evolution has been consistence since its formation in 2006 due to the constant presence and direction of Rodolfo Ciuffo. If you want to know more about where the band is coming from spiritually and thematically, check out their Facebook page.

“Who Is The Dreamer” is the overture, and as such it is theatrical, segue to mystical then dramatic. Over the course of the next four long pieces, the purpose of the music is made clear, and the center of the conflict is transparently demonstrated. Apparitions, hallucinations, and frightening visions manifest in the building and bursting aural landscapes. The show closes with “Sons of Melancholia,” a song that has four minutes of light, pop-oriented instrumental to calm your nerves before the bolt gun is placed firmly against your forehead for a sudden blast of deathness. Eight minutes in there is a 70s-style guitar jam – very BÖC. And then there is a doom trudge to the captive end where you hear the siren call for the last time. This song encompasses, encapsulates, really, my experience with the entire album as a witness to events that mean more in truth than they seem to mean on the surface. You will not come away from even a single listening of this music without having seen or understood something differently than you did before. Recommended.

Spring In Blue is out now and ready for the taking at Bandcamp, Transcending Records, and all the other places you are used to for your musical needs.

Band photo by Void Revelations.


SVNTH, Spring In Blue review (Transcending Records 2020)