Hellfire Deathcult, Al Nombre De La Muerte (Regain 2022)

The new album from Hellfire Deathcult screams from a deep void, Al Nombre De La Muerte.

Hellfire Deathcult is a black metal band from Chicago that perpetrates death and doom metal as well as part of the heavy music they create. Their first EP came out in 2014, Ave Mors, followed by their debut long-player two years later, Culto A La Muerte. The sophomore album was the well-received Black Death Terroristic Onslaught (2018). Fans of the black metal trio have had their longest wait yet for new music, and they are rewarded with a voracious, pillaging record of blight.

After the mood-setting introductory song “Grand Invocation Ov Black Death,” there are ten searing tracks on the album. First up, “Consumed By The Eternal Darkness Ov Death,” a song that delivers on the promise of its title. Dripping with blood, pain, and black ichor from the deepest realms, this music intends ill. Black metal indeed. “Devoted To The Order Ov The Black Light” continues the ideas, fostering no hope and no regard for the well-being of the universe. Here the cosmos faces relentless blackgrind metal and can do nothing to stop it.

Other tracks to look out for include “Divinities Damnation,” which starts on deep notes of doom (and I always appreciate that), and “Beneath The Black Moons Incantation” that pairs slower moments with the raking black metal speed so prevalent on other songs. As I think back on it now, “Ritualistic Sacrifice Ov Sacred Blood” might even have the edge over these two in my mind. The music is sinister, filled with fear-inducing chaos and dreary, soaking moments of gloom. Recommended.

Al Nombre De La Muerte is out on June 30th from Helter Skelter Productions through Regain Records. A vinyl version will follow later in the year.


Bandcamp, https://regainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/al-nombre-de-la-muerte

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/HellfireDeathcult

Regain Records, https://regainrecords.bandcamp.com/

© Wayne Edwards

Hellfire Deathcult, Al Nombre De La Muerte (Regain 2022)

Serpent Cobra, Beware (Helter Skelter 2022)

Striking out from Argentina, Serpent Cobra issue a new EP, Beware.

Serpent Cobra got going in 2017. Anatomy Of Abuses was their first full-length album, released in 2020. They are back now with a three-song EP, Beware. The band’s music is a NWOBHM homage with tinges of doom and punk flourishes. It is a winning combination. According to The Metal Archives, the band is Carolina Dusau (vocals, guitar), Emanuel Acosta (guitar), Emmanuel Leonhardt (bass), and José Imaz (drums).

The laughing and screaming at the beginning of “Walpurgis Night” strikes the right tone, setting the stage for the solid clomp of mid-tempo heavy music. There is a doom chronicle to it, but the overall impact is straight-ahead metal.

“Beware” begins soft and quiet. Melancholy, even. Forlorn. It is instrumental desert music, filled with mystery and promise. And that title is obviously a warning. What is out there? We don’t know for sure, but it is probably bad for you.

As with the opener, “Bloody Countess” gives us a few sound effects first then presses right into an urgent riff. The vocals are punk-edged and billowing with attitude. Tasty lead guitar licks dress the front side of the track. Toward the middle the tempo slows a notch and dire circumstances become more serious and nefarious.

This music lives in a dark groove. Sometimes muddy, sometimes sharp, you can’t go far wrong with Carolina Dusau’s amazing rock and roll voice. There might only be three songs on this mini-LP but they run an impressive range nevertheless. Recommended.

Beware is out now in digital, cassette from Stoner Witch Records, and vinyl through Helter Skelter Productions and Regain Records.


Bandcamp, https://serpentcobradoom.bandcamp.com/

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/serpentcobraheavydoom

Shadow Records Productions, https://www.shadowrecords.se/

Serpent Cobra, Beware (Helter Skelter 2022)