Primitive Man at The Monkey House, Winooski, Vermont, May 30th

Denver’s Primitive Man is on the road with Mortiferum, Jarhead Fertilizer, Body Void, and Elizabeth Colour Wheel. Spirit Possession joins in July for several dates as well.

The show at The Monkey House featured the first five bands, beginning with Elizabeth Colour Wheel. It takes a lot to describe Elizabeth Colour Wheel. They are a doom band, I would say, but their approach is unique. The lead singer wanders through the crowd during the performance some of the time – at other times she is playing the keyboard or lying on the ground. There is a great deal of stomping on stage, and shrieking can often be heard. I could go on, but you really need to see the performance live to appreciate it fully. There isn’t much like it out there.

Body Void is well known in Vermont. They are a doom duo, performing as a trio. Teetering on the funeral doom edge some of the time, slow ponderous riffs are abundant in their performance. Their latest album is Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth, housing four long tracks all running over twelve minutes each. Their live performance maintains the ambience of the studio recording.

The first thing you notice about Jarhead Fertilizer is the overwhelming assault of percussion that lands hard from the beginning to the end and at all points in between. Their music is a death metal / hardcore / grindcore slam that will shake you fillings loose. This was my first hearing of them and I was left wanting more.

Just when you think you can take a breath, Mortiferum hits the stage and really pins your ears back. Their newest album is Preserved In Torment, and it is a death/doom metal manifesto. I first heard this band on the split they did with Hyperdontia a couple years ago and I have been waiting anxiously to see them live ever since. They were incredible in every aspect. They have made my list of bands I will see whenever possible, and it is a short list.

The headliner stood in posture of contemplation. Primitive Man, touring their Insurmountable album, lived up to what the press has been saying about them. The new EP is exceptional (link to review below), and their doubtless execution of doom leaves you speechless when you witness it. The music seems to emanate from them as a primal force of nature; their instruments are as creatures themselves. Put yourself in their path and you will be changed.

The tour goes on through mid-July so there are many chances to see these bands in action. Don’t miss out.

Photos by Wayne Edwards.


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FFMB review of Insurmountable,


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Primitive Man at The Monkey House, Winooski, Vermont, May 30th

Primitive Man, Insurmountable (Closed Casket Activities 2022)

Denver doom trio Primitive Man raise massive cliffs of new music on Insurmountable.

Primitive Man took a big swing at the jump with their debut full-length album Scorn in 2013. Since then they have been laying down split after split, demos and EPs, and two more long-players, Caustic (2017) and Immersion (2020). They are not letting any moss grow here. Primitive Man – Ethan Lee McCarthy (guitar and vocals), Jonathan Campos (bass), and Joe Linden (drums) – are a force to be reckoned with.

The new record has three original songs and a cover. “This Life” begins on catastrophic riffs at funeral doom speed. Absolutely pulverizing, but without the implied hopelessness you might expect at this tempo. Don’t get me wrong – it is not encouraging. It is still animate. It speeds up a little here and there but not much. This doom is measured. “Boiled” offers ambient weirdness and disturbances.

“Cage Intimacy” squeals and scratches and writhes. The first vocals are as dark as dark gets. It is a grim giant moving about unaware of the smashing it is doing. Rabid black metal breaks out for a time, then the noise takes over. By the time the doom returns the damage is done. The final cut is “Quiet,” the cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song. It is taken to new heights with Primitive Man at the helm. This is the doom treatment we always knew that song needed.

I saw a live set at The Monkey House in Winooski, Vermont a couple days ago. I’ll pop a couple of photos here, and there is a separate article coming out in a few days about that show with many more photos of Primitive Man and the other bands. Their performance was massively heavy, and the show balanced the music nicely, alternating between doom, death metal, and other adventures.

Insurmountable is out now through Closed Casket Activities. Pick up the new EP, and see Primitive Man on tour now supported by Mortiferum, Jarhead Fertilizer, Body Void, and Elizabeth Colour Wheel. Check out the tour poster below for upcoming cities, dates, and supporting band roster.

Live photos by Wayne Edwards.





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Primitive Man, Insurmountable (Closed Casket Activities 2022)