News, and a couple of T-shirts, New Year’s Day, 2022

Shardik Media opens a new office in the Midwest and laments the lack of t-shirts this year.

This is a music blog, but I don’t usually write it like one. No news, no trending topics. The entries are typically a new music release review, or sometimes – a lot lately – live music photos and concert reviews. But on this day, the first day of 2022, I actually have some news.

We are opening a new office in the Midwest (at an undisclosed location). For now, Burlington is still running but it will be quiet, and there is a long-term plan to head even further west than Mid in the fullness of time. The only real difference the Midwest shift makes is there will be more coverage of venues thattaway and not so much of the Northeast. I am going to miss the State Theatre in Portland and The Webster Theater in Hartford and of course I will miss Higher Ground in Burlington most of all. But they’ll still be there and tons great places in middle of the country have live music, too. So in 2022 expect more from Indianapolis and Detroit, Columbus and Dayton. Music lives on.

Now, about those t-shirts. I only acquired a couple of new ones in the past two years because of the slow-down of live music due to the pandemic, and half of them are actually old designs I just got around to picking up recently. Hey, they are all new to me. I really need to stop buying these. Anyway, here are a couple snaps to mark the passage of time.

Let’s all have a great 2022. Happy New Year.

News, and a couple of T-shirts, New Year’s Day, 2022