Street Tombs, Reclusive Decay (Carbonized 2023)

The debut album from southwestern death metal band Street Tombs is Reclusive Decay.

Street Tombs has been around for roughly a lustrum, cranking out three solid demos from their Santa Fe stomping grounds in that time. Known for driving rhythms and chomping insistency, the music on the new album embraces and extends their hallmarks. The band is Damian Jacoby (guitar, vocals), David McMaster (guitar, vocals), Ben Brodsky (drums), and Galen Baudhuin (bass).

“Wretched Remains” is perfect music for a scene in a movie where a horde of evil creatures climbs a rock cliff intent on doing harm. They could be spiders, too, given the cover art. That would work. Crusty vocals are in step with the ascent, and the lead guitar remark is backing for an evil choir. Medium-speedy in the tempo, this opener grabs your attention and shakes the wax from your ears. “Diseased Existence” plays into the hands of the drama seekers, dripping as it is with mystical atmosphere. There is a tasty downshift in the middle that appeals to the doom within me. The ending seems to take place in outer space. “Devour” returns to the renderings of the first track, furthering the musical ideas and feasting on the dead. The wind-down is a callback to the second song.

Side two gives us “Rising Torment” to begin with. It feels like getting a shiv to the gut in prison on your way to the shower. It is not a life threatening wound, but it does get to you. Five and a half minutes in, a dark door to a secret mausoleum opens, revealing sinister works. The rumbling road rhythms return with “Commanding Voices of the Damned,” and “Volcanic Siege” is the fitting final word. The album blows in with a running time of just over thirty minutes. The songs have a nice solid crunchy metal structure with familiar bones and clever accoutrements. It is a good listen.

Reclusive Decay drops on Friday, February 17th through Carbonized Records. You can get yours at the links below.

Band photo by Caitlyn Stuart.



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Street Tombs, Reclusive Decay (Carbonized 2023)