Sinner, Brotherhood (Atomic Fire 2022)

German hard rock band Sinner release their twentieth studio album, Brotherhood.

Mat Sinner started the band that bears his name in 1982, handling the bass and vocal duties himself. Over the next forty years, Sinner became a consistent force in the hard rock scene in Germany, releasing new albums on a regular schedule and holding their own in the charts. The music today is reminiscent of the biggest sounds from the 1980s, focusing on hard-edge rock with broad appeal. Joining Mat Sinner in the band is Tom Naumann (guitar), Alex Scholpp (guitar), and Markus Kullmann (drums).

Talking about the band and the new album, Sinner says, “This band is held together by a tight bond of friendship. Without this friendship, Sinner simply would not exist.” That explains the title of the new record. “We belong together, and this album is meant to express that.”

There are eleven songs on the album (plus a twelfth if you count the bonus track), starting with “Bulletproof,” a stadium anthem if there ever was one. Reliable rhythm and straight-forward guitar riffs provide the ideal structure for Mat Sinner’s forceful, melodic voice. The recurring chorus sets firm in your mind and you will know this song immediately when you hear it again. “We Came To Rock” has a more serious sound to it and a positive message. The guitar offers an homage to Randy Rhoads now and then, and you have to like that. “Reach Out” puts me in mind a little of Dokken at the height of their game, and still there is no mistaking the music for anything other than Sinner. Only three songs in and a lot of ground covered already.

The element of nostalgia does appeal to me because of the fondness with which I remember music like this. No matter if it reminds of you of something or not, you will hear that this is solid, well-produce rock that stands on its own. I have several favorite tracks after hearing the album only a few times, including “Refuse To Surrender,” “Brotherhood,” and the cover of The Killers’ song “When You Were Young.” This is a good record for the summer. Recommended.

Brotherhood is out on Friday, July 15th through Atomic Fire Records. Get up to speed at the links below.


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Sinner, Brotherhood (Atomic Fire 2022)