Mask Of Satan, Underneath The Mire (Iron, Blood, and Death 2021)

The death metal band from Finland, Mask of Satan, is back with a second serving of Lovecraftian menace.

Formed just a few years back, Mask of Satan released a demo in 2015 followed by the long-player Silent Servants: Chants of Lovecraftian Horror two years later. The new album continues exploring the themes opened in the earlier releases and pushes forth with the winning combination of groove and death metal their fans like so much.

There are nine high-energy tracks on the album, all swinging and stretching old school death metal ideas in clever ways. They tend to run about radio length, and the best example of the album overall is perhaps “Bloodpact,” with its hooky opening, growling vocals, and occasional spastic wobble. The way the song is put together really is intriguing.

“Corpsewitch” is tied for my favorite track with “The Black Goat.” The former has exactly the tempo and push I wanted to hear when I heard it, and latter is a sinister festival of dread at the front end with a pummeling middle and madness on its way out. I enjoyed this album all the way through. It is highly entertaining death metal. Recommended.

Underneath The Mire is out now and you can get all the varieties at Bandcamp.




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Mask Of Satan, Underneath The Mire (Iron, Blood, and Death 2021)