Review of Ifreann, Desecration (Independent, 2020)

Thrash is alive and well, and one band that shows this truth is Ifreann. Their newest release, Desecration, is available now.

The band originally came together about five years ago in Scotland. There have been a number of lineup changes resulting in the current five members, Ian Gil (vocal), Ben Sanders (guitar), Alina Levanova (guitar), Jacob Nicolson (bass), and Euan Henderson (drums). Judging by the 2020 music, these musicians sound like they’ve been playing together for a decade so the adjustments have been good moves.

After releasing a couple of singles in 2017 (“In Satan We Trust” / “Poisoned Minds”), the band’s first EP, Unearthly, came out in 2019. The four songs on that album are solid thrash work, and the opener, “Mirror of Sanity,” is in the regular Spotify rotation for me. It is a hard-hitter, and the thrash sensibilities of the writing are complemented by clever innovations in rhythm and bridge.

Now we have Desecration, which gives us four new songs. Track 1: “Of Blade and Black Wing” is straight ahead thrash. It is reminiscent of the music on the Unearthly EP in that regard. Very solid and memorable. “Raised In Hate” follows and has a more medieval feel to it, with a rolling crunch, sing-a-long crowd bark opportunities, and a Primus-inspired bass line up front. The main lead break is on the symphonic side, with a technicalist wiggle on the back and the return of that amazing bass line right after. Great composition. Next up, “Messiah,” which is very heavy and harsh, with a cognitive seriousness that presses on your throat. “Crushed By Tyranny” is the closer, and a fitting one with its message. The music is a swirling storm of guitars in the middle surrounded by a staccato rhythm fortress, front and back. Desecration overall is a little broader musically than the earlier releases and at the same time it maintains the band’s signature sound.

Ifreann has a few scheduled live dates in the UK coming up in June so let’s hope things have returned to a somewhat normal pace by then. The new EP, the Unearthly EP, and the original singles are all on Spotify, and you can get the EPs at Bandcamp and other streaming services, too. Go get you some. This thrash’ll get your blood flowing. Recommended.




Review of Ifreann, Desecration (Independent, 2020)