Purpendicular, Human Mechanic (Metalville 2022)

Purpendicular release a new album, their first in five years: Human Mechanic.

The band was started in 2007 by Irish singer Robby Thomas Walsh as a Deep Purple cover band. Since then it has evolved quite a lot. Ian Paice joined in along the way, and the new record has all original material that, while it might be reminiscent of some Deep Purple music, is definitely not a copy. Walsh and Paiuce are joined by musicians Nick Fyffe (bass), Christoph Kogler (keys), and Herbert Bucher (guitar).

“The Nothing Box” swings open the door with a slow build. You hear effects and then separate instruments – Hammond Organ, guitar – before they all come together in a bluesy construction that is irresistible. The vocals, keys, and guitars take turns at the front of the stage, and they all make lasting impressions. “Ghost” lays down a strong yet low-key tone and has nice funky moments, as well as an ethereal lead guitar break, that help propel it to the next level. “No One’s Getting Out Alive” is a radio-length song that crackles with energy and simmers with subdued enthusiasm.

This albums rocks, and while it does put you in mind of the original inspiring source, the music has its own place in the world. I especially appreciate the depth of the title track and its many callbacks. “Made Of Steel” is beautifully quiet song while “Four Stone Walls” gets right in your face and shakes you up. The final track of the set is “Passing Through,” and it begins on notes of solitude. You can take away many different things from this short instrumental piece, ranging from sadness to inspiration. For me it is a nice cooldown to an excellent album. Recommended.

Human Mechanic is out through Metalville Records on Friday, September 23rd.


Purpendicular website, http://purpendicular.eu/

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/PDWorldwide/

Metalville Records, https://www.metalville.de/

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Purpendicular, Human Mechanic (Metalville 2022)