Epitaphe, II (Aesthetic Death 2022)

French progressive doom band Epitaphe head off into new territory with their sophomore long-player, II.

Epitaphe began as far back as 2009. They released a demo in 2018, and their debut full-length album the following year, appropriately titled I. The musical style has elements of progressive death metal and funeral doom, usually rolled out in long movements. The first album had more of the latter, while this new one relies less on funeral doom. There is no mistaking that it is the same band, however, and the fans they have gathered so far will be grandly fulfilled by the new music.

There are three tracks that hover around the nineteen minute mark, plus an introductory movement and an outro. “Sycomore” begins the session sweetly, leaving you completely unprepared for the full-on assault that is “Celestial.” The ravaging brutality of this blistering metal affront is complicated by melodic vocals that materialize only to be devour by course growls. There are reinforced shocks throughout and, eventually, you can sense that disruptions are in the offing but they always still startle you when they hit.

“Melancholia” dives in with percussive creations that are tectonic, elemental. The compositional structure flattens out at times, allowing familiarity to lull you toward the ordinary, but it never stays that way long enough to give a firm footing. You only think you know what is next. This middle portion is my favorite of the set, and I especially appreciate the lead guitar work and, later, the funeral doom.

“Insignificant” recalls the intro piece with its initial gentleness, like a minstrel who has wandered into a dark, sinister forest and only slowly begins to realize what has happened. The metal here has a theatrical feel to it, and a sense of story is strong throughout. “Merging Within Nothingness” is a short cooldown. How you feel about it will depend on how you experienced the rest of the album. For me, I had a moment to realize, at least partially, the significance of what I had just listened to.

There is an arc here. Listening from beginning to end is more important with this album than with many. The full procession is the way to go. Highly recommended.

II is out on April 11th in digital, on CD through Aesthetic Death, and Gurgling Gore has the cassette.


Bandcamp, https://epitaphe.bandcamp.com/

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/epitaphemetal/

Aesthetic Death, https://www.aestheticdeath.com/

Gurgling Gore, https://www.gurglinggore.com/

© Wayne Edwards.

Epitaphe, II (Aesthetic Death 2022)

Thorn, Yawning Depths (Chaos Records 2022)

Brennen Westermeyer has a new album under his solo project banner Thorn on the way, Yawning Depths.

According to the press release: “Cavernous, brooding, and bleak, Thorn is a solo project of erstwhile Fluids vocalist Brennen Westermeyer. From the deserts of Phoenix, Thorn specializes in the foreboding and ominous. Weaving elements of death metal, doom, post, and grind, Thorn creates a soundscape for worshipping pagan gods and making offerings to entities unknown.”

I find the description to be quite accurate. Take a look at the cover image. That is what the music sounds like – being chewed, swallowed, and digested by a gap-mouth horror. In some ways, this album runs like a sequel to last year’s Crawling Worship. In my head, anyway.

There are eight tracks on the new album. I am going to go ahead and label this death metal music. There are other elements swimming in there, too – most notably a tasty doom sensibility that rears its handsome head occasionally. Still, death metal suits the set pretty well.

It is a brief affair but it has titanic moments. I was absolutely floored by “Noxious Existence,” and the sorrowful “Lapis Lazuli” took my breath away with its dark, mesmerizing beauty. The grinding crunch of doomy “Unknown Body of Light” burbles to the surface of my consciousness from time to time even now, and the closer, “Graven Moonglow,” is a show-stopper, and no mistake. I like the commitment in this music, the unswerving menace created in the compositions that is so well executed in the performance. Well done. Recommended.

Yawning Depths begins breaking hearts on Friday, February 4th with the CD and digital, out through Chaos Records with the vinyl version to follow later in the year. Gurgling Gore has the cassette.


Bandcamp, https://thornx.bandcamp.com/

Chaos Records, https://www.chaos-records.com/

Thorn, Yawning Depths (Chaos Records 2022)