Grotesqueries, Haunted Mausoleum (Caligari Records 2022)

Death metal band Grotesqueries present their debut EP, Haunted Mausoleum.

Grotesqueries was started by drummer Yianni Tranxidis, known for his work in bands like Black Mass, Garroted, and Gog. Well versed in a broad array of heavy music stylings, he focuses on death metal in the new effort with impressive results. Joining Tranxidis for the album are Brendan O’Hare (guitar), John Rainis (bass), and Mike Buonomo (vocals). The EP runs a sparse three tracks, but in those moments you can get a good feel for what Grotesqueries is capable of achieving. Let’s track-by-track this one.

“Flesh Prison” is a surging dirge of obliteration. It begins with a battering attitude, then turns to a short series of great hooks before settling down into a growling steamroller of a death metal song. At times sounding like the disturbed rantings of an unstable dark wizard, the music cradles the evil spark inside you.

“From Skin Into The Sin” hangs you on hooks and beats you with switches. There is charging quality to this track, as in an armed force on horses charging toward their foes. The groove moments are tantalizing delights while the vocals are relentless, insidious. The lead guitar break is harnessed chaos.

“Gortician” is muscular, like a rampaging gorilla jacked up into a white line fever. A third of the way through, there is a wind-down that serves to create tension more than relaxation, because you know this is not the way it ends so you get worked up wandering what comes next. Urgent slicing riffs break through and resolve your uncertainty.

This EP builds a strong foundation that points toward splendid possibilities for the future. Recommended.

Haunted Mausoleum opens to the public on August 11th through Caligari Records.




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Grotesqueries, Haunted Mausoleum (Caligari Records 2022)