Nekrogoblikon at Piere’s, Fort Wayne, May 19th

Nekrogoblikon joins Gwar on the Black Death Rager World Tour.

We are adding this photo gallery to go along with the Gwar article from a couple days ago. Nekrogoblikon is traveling with Gwar on the May and June leg of the new tour, warming the crowd up right before the mighty warriors take the stage. Nekrogoblikon is an LA band that creates music concerning goblins. Heh-heh. It is fascinating guitar-based tongue-in-cheek hard electronic goblin folk rock with twinkling keys. They even have a goblin running around the stage during the live shows. The band released their fifth album just a few weeks ago, The Fundamental Slimes and Humours. Check out the link below to hear it on Bandcamp.

Photos by Wayne Edwards.




The Native Howl,

Piere’s Entertainment Center,

© Wayne Edwards

Nekrogoblikon at Piere’s, Fort Wayne, May 19th