Eulogy, Memento Mori Review (One Eyed Toad Records)

The Cardiff trio Eulogy is back with a new EP of straight-ahead rock and roll that is certain to appeal to fans of classic style rock.

Eulogy is establishing itself as a standard bearer for 80s rock energy. With Neil Thomas on bass and vocals, Mike Williams on guitars, and Darran Goodwin on drums, Memento Mori has a consistently hard driving sound and is a bit more contentious than the their earlier Back to Life (2017) three-song EP. There are no acoustic tracks on the new one, just guitar, bass, drums, and the soaring voice of Thomas to make the music peal.

I had the shuffle play on when I listened to the set so “Cross to Bare” opens Memento Mori for me with a fuzzy growl. The vocalizations put me a bit in mind of Saxon back in the day – melodic and heavy at the same time. “Blood Red Skies” kicks in with a trickier percussion beat and creative finger flashes from the guitar between verses. The second pair of songs are darker in tone with “You’ll Die Alone” being about what it sounds like it would be about (with a mournful lead break, too), and “Corvid” picking up the pace on the front end and closing strong. The music seems to be telling us that even under bleak circumstances we don’t have to curl up an die. And this is just the kind of rock and roll to get you up and going. The songs made me a little nostalgic, putting me in mind of some of my favorite music I hadn’t heard in a while, but you don’t have to be long in the tooth to get into Eulogy. Without any frame of reference, it is a great listen.

Memento Mori is out February 21st and you can grab it at One Eyed Toad Records and on the usual digital platforms. Eulogy will be touring around the UK this year so go give them a look. Recommended.





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Eulogy, Memento Mori Review (One Eyed Toad Records)