Last In Line, A Day In The Life (earMUSIC 2022)

Last In Line offer up an EP treat for their fans, A Day In The Life.

Last In Line is a band formed by former members of Ronnie James Dio’s band. Initially, the idea was to reminisce about the Dio days, but soon they started creating new music. They kept the name (which is the title of Dio’s second album) and moved forward with their own ideas in the classic heavy metal vein. The band today is Vinny Appice (drums), Vivian Campbell (guitar), Andrew Freeman (vocals), and Phil Soussan (bass).

The new EP has an original song, a cover, and two live tracks. Let’s start with the cover, “A Day in The Life,” where the record gets its name. This Beatles song is one of their biggest hits (but there were a lot of those, weren’t there). What you get on the Last In Line version is a metaled-up take that preserves, mostly faithfully, the melodic vocals. It is a rousing rendition, and no mistake.

The new song is “Hurricane Orlagh,” and it is a look into what the next album might sound like. It is an up-tempo bit with hard-pushing riffs and runs, and classic-styled metal vocals. There is a tasty lead guitar break as well, and that seals the deal. If the rest of the future album sounds like this song, I am all in.

The live tracks are “Devil In Me” and “Give Up The Ghost” (live), one each from the band’s two studio albums. The performances are good, as are the recordings, so this is a nice preview of their live show. Speaking of which, Last In Line is on the road now. If you like the sound of these live renditions, then head out to the club and see them in person.

A Day In The Life is out on Friday, November 11th in a limited edition vinyl release through earMUSIC. You had best jump on those if you want one. If you miss out on the physical, there is always the digital.


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Last In Line, A Day In The Life (earMUSIC 2022)