Godless Truth, Godless Truth (Transcending Obscurity 2022)

Godless Truth hits back hard after an extended hiatus with a new, self-titled album.

The five-piece death metal band from Czechia is the latest incarnation of a group that has a long history. With roots in the mid-nineties, and through schisms and a pause here and there, the band has produced four previous albums, an EP, and several splits. The music is a stunning form of death metal that stands well apart from the pack. The band is Petr Švancara (guitar), Ondřej Černobila (guitar), Jakub Grunt (bass), Petr Mikeš (drums), and Adam B. Sychrow (vocals). There are many notable guest musicians as well, including Rafael Trujillo, Joe Haley, Petr Angelo Čuka, Peter Gábor, and Matt Delirious.

The record contains two short, connective tissue pieces and eight primary tracks. “The Decision” is surrounded on both sides by the short tracks, and it is bestial. The signs do point toward technical death metal, but, more specifically, the guitar work in the second half is a crushing sort of prog. It is the kind of thing you might expect from, say, Vai, if he were to write death metal music. It zips you right up.

“Scissors” continues the slanted view and the ground does indeed tilt beneath you while you listen. Alternating vocal styles swirl depth into the landscape and menace your understanding of the reality that surrounds you. The speed of the percussion is difficult to comprehend. This song gets all over you, and so does the next one, “Breathe Fire,” and the one after that, and so on. Don’t expect to have any adrenaline left in the tank when the music stops.

“Bred In Greed” is one of my favorite tracks – the opening rhythm kills. And the closer, too, “Wake Up To Obey,” has staying power. I could listen to these guitars all day, and the songwriting keeps fresh images rolling over your ears for the duration. High marks all around. Recommended.

Godless Truth comes out on Friday, March 4th through Transcending Obscurity Records.


Bandcamp, https://godlesstruth.bandcamp.com/album/godless-truth

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/godlesstruthofficial

Transcending Obscurity Records, https://transcendingobscurity.aisamerch.com/

Godless Truth, Godless Truth (Transcending Obscurity 2022)

Cutterred Flesh, Sharing Is Caring (Transcending Obscurity 2021)

The new Cutterred Flesh album has a deceptively calm title to go along with the brutally revealing cover art.

From Czechia, Cuttered Flesh is a death metal band that wears dastardly themes on its sleeve. Over twenty years and four previous albums they have made their intentions known so there is no mistake about what is in store for you when you drop the needle on one of their records. The band is Jiri Krs (vocals), Vitali Novak (guitar), David Krombholz (guitar), Zdenek Hnizdil (bass), Frantisek Drazdansky (drums).

“Vibrio Vulnificus” begins loud and fast with a punitive hammering. Shouting, growling vocals overpower any resistance, and the occasional momentary respite in the driving percussion offers no actual rest. This is plowing, punishing death metal. The tempo is in the upper-mid range and the sentiment is savage. The very next song is “Black Aura,” which begins with a lullaby melody concatenated with blast beats and dark dramatic guitars. The vocals are vile and displeased. We’re off and running toward the tortures of the damned.

There is no place to hide in any song from this set. Battering percussion is always in there whether the track begins slow or fast. The veils and distractions are sleights of hand that serve more to enhance the brutality of the music than offer a look away. A good example is “Knife Is Not The Enemy.” The pace at the open does not seem sustainable – it leaves you breathless. The doors you go through while experiencing the music that follows open up to spyglasses and mirrors and so you see different things but you never truly escape the dungeon you started in. Fans of brutal death metal will welcome this new addition to the canon. Recommended.

Sharing Is Caring is out now through Transcending Obscurity Records. Check out the label’s US store below or hit up the always-reliable Bandcamp for the goods.


Bandcamp, https://cutterredfleshband.bandcamp.com/album/sharing-is-caring-brutal-death-metal

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/CutterredFlesh/

Transcending Obscurity Records, https://transcendingobscurity.aisamerch.com/

Cutterred Flesh, Sharing Is Caring (Transcending Obscurity 2021)