Coffinborn, Cadaveric Retribution (Xtreem 2023)

The long-awaited debut album from death metal band Coffinborn has arrived: Cadaveric Retribution.

Coffinborn formed in Szeged, Hungary just over ten years ago. In 2014 they released a demo, Beneath the Cemetery, and went on to write a full-length album at about the same time. It is a little unclear what happened next, but history intervened and the music was not recorded when it was composed. Fast-forward a decade and the band finally has the opportunity to chisel the music into digital stone. Their approach is classic death metal, as in Death and Grave, say, and the execution is absolutely deadly. The stage names of the musicians are Blasphemy (drums, vocals), Churchburner (bass), and Disguster (guitar, vocals).

“Self-Mutilation of the Soul” lays it on with a wail and a chop, gutting at the mid-tempo then speeding up the percussion to gain a rush. Fantastic, killer instrumental opening. “Undead Ceremony” is next, cracking the earth with growling vocals, blast beats, and careening speed. The weight of the music is pulverizing, and the doom downshift in the middle is a thing of beauty. The blistering lead break is excellent as well, with a nod to the classic posture while working new angles. “Flesheater” takes a different approach, with a steady, persistent riff and warning vocals that signal the flesh eater is here. If these first three songs don’t grab your attention and hook you then you are not a death metal fan.

There are no low points on this record. “Infernal Entombment” is a stand-out track for me because of its crushing heaviness, and “Gruesome Fate” turned me around, too, with its penetrating drive. The sets wraps-up on the title track, “Cadaveric Retribution,” which is a malignant beast all its own, chewing and spitting and rending the terra. The album is exceptional all the way through, and I am glad it is seeing the light of day after ten years. Recommended.

Cadaveric Retribution is out on Thursday, February 23rd through Xtreem Music. In the US, Bandcamp is a great place to pick it up, and you can stream it in the usual spots.




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Coffinborn, Cadaveric Retribution (Xtreem 2023)