Happy New Year’s Eve 2020

I don’t have to tell you about 2020 – you were there, too. Usually, at the end of the year, I spend December choosing some photos to repost for good vibes and great memories, but this year I didn’t take a single photograph of a live show. Yeah. So, I am going to post a few photos from 2019 that did not see that light of day then, just for fun. I am keeping the cameras warm for 2021 because hope springs eternal.

There was a lot of excellent music released this year. We published 188 reviews in 2020, a lot more than we thought we would. There are so many “Best of 2020” lists out there that I decided not to do one for FFMB. Instead, I am throwing up a couple of covers from albums we didn’t review this year that were really good – just couldn’t get to everything. We’ll try to do better in 2021.

Thanks to everybody involved with Flying Fiddlesticks Music Blog and the Shardik Media Cabal. Deep gratitude and thanks to all the bands, record labels, venues, publicists, and promoters keeping music alive for all of us.

We’re still here and we are carrying on in 2021. See you out there.

All live performance photos by Wayne Edwards.


Heavy Montreal



Happy New Year’s Eve 2020

Flux Capacitor at Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont, Live Set Review

I caught up with Flux Capacitor last week on their Ambush Glowing Tour when they played Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont. They were the perfect band to welcome music lovers in from the cold for a beer and a jam.

Flux Capacitor is a three-piece band from Reading, Pennsylvania made of the brothers Specht: Peter (guitar), Jason (drums), and Michael (keyboards). They have recently beeen joined by Cassy Yost who steps in for part of the set and who, by the way, renders an amazing vocal interpretation of the Jefferson Airplane standard, “White Rabbit.” The band describes their music as the “melding of varied rock idioms with elements of electronica – in the context of fluid improvisation.” I can’t argue with that. They opened their set with a 10+ minute jam that rolled amazing guitar passages into consuming keyboard entrancements and back again. Peter’s voice is hypnotic, cruising as it does through, and along with, the other instruments. You can truly float away in the listen and completely forget where you are. In the first set (they played more but I only got to see the first one), after the trio opened with extended musical forms, Cassy Yost joined for several, mostly shorter pieces, adding her strong vocal presence. The four of them together were perfectly cohesive and there didn’t seem to be a transition at all, just a flow. Toward the end of the set, the trio took over again and laid down some more long-form wonderment.

Make sure you see Flux Capacitor whenever you get the chance. They are on the road in the South for select upcoming December dates. It is a great evening of music and you’ll want to come back and get some more. Meanwhile, their newest release is Set to Gravitate which you can hear on Spotify and other streaming platforms, or you can buy at Bandcamp [here].

Tour dates and band info: http://fluxcapacitorband.com/

Flux Capacitor at Nectar’s in Burlington, Vermont, Live Set Review