Gwar at Piere’s, Fort Wayne, Indiana, May 19th

Gwar kicked off the Black Death Rager World Tour on Thursday at Piere’s in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The mighty Gwar. Come on, ladies and gentlemen, that’s a show to see. There is always a lot of deranged mayhem going on at a Gwar show. The Native Howl opened, and Nekrogoblikon middled. There will separate photo galleries for them going up soon at FFMB. Today let’s talk about Gwar.

Gwar started in Richmond, Virginia in 1984. They are a heavy metal band focusing on intergalactic warrior themes and expressing themselves theatrically. The band members have changed considerably over the years, and still the band continues its mission with just as much fervor as ever. They have a new album coming out in a couple weeks – their fifteenth – The New Dark Ages.

The lead-in Black Sabbath music got the crowd ramped up before the interplanetary warriors stepped on the stage. Looking around, you can’t help but notice that most of the speakers have been covered with clear plastic, and there is plastic draped over the soundboards. If you have ever been to a Gwar show, you know why – we were all about the get sprayed with theatrical blood, goo, and other fluids as part of the elaborate stage show the band has developed over the years.

Filled with political satire and tongue-in-cheek social commentary, heavily costumed actors were ravaged on stage during and in between the bands heavy metal performances. Fans were treated to decapitations, eviscerations, and depraved moments better experienced in person than described on the page. Truly, it is an experience.

Opening with “Let Us Slay” and then “Sick Of You,” Gwar rolled through the hits and made room for new songs from the The New Dark Ages, notably the new single “Mother Fuckin Liar” and “Berserker Mode.” This was the first show on the tour and Gwar was already slinging metal in top form. Get out there and see them – check out the tour poster below for dates.

Photos by Wayne Edwards.




The Native Howl,

Piere’s Entertainment Center,

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Gwar at Piere’s, Fort Wayne, Indiana, May 19th