Memoriam, Rise To Power (Reaper 2023)

Death metal heavyweights Memoriam are back for the fifth round, Rise To Power.

UK death metal band Memoriam was created by Bolt Thrower singer Karl Willetts and Benediction bassist Frank Healy. Since 2015, they have released three demos and four previous full-length albums, most recently To The End. The music stands on firm old school death metal ground, adding doom and groove and unexpected melodies to create fascinating music. Willetts and Healy are joined by Scott Fairfax on guitar and Spieky T. Smith on drums.

Talking about the album, Willetts says that Rise To Power is the second album of the second trilogy. He goes on to note, “The lyrical content of the new album carries on from those that precede it, maintaining the theme of grief, loss, and despair along with social commentary on recent events such as the war in Ukraine and past events such as the Holocaust. The ever-present subject of war is prevalent throughout the album as it is on all of the others. I feel that it is my responsibility as a frontman and lyricist to write about the things that I feel are important.”

The first of eight songs on the album is “Never Forget, Never Again (6 Million Dead).” There is minute-long lead-in with voices and dark melodies before the main theme lands: a mid-tempo death metal standard. The percussion shakes things up a bit, and a lyrical caveat in the middle jostles the momentum of the song. Staying true to the war theme, this opening track sets the appropriate tone for the record. “Total War” is gruffer and more actively aggressive – more like being in the battle than remembering it after the fact. Filled with speed and power and a nice lead guitar moment, this one saws the bone. “I Am The Enemy” follows and its tone sounds sorrowful to me. The establishing bars are doom-heavy and emotionally charged. The album is very much the way Karl Willetts described it, offering many views on the general themes of suffering and war. It is excellent metal with precise execution. Recommended.

Rise To Power is out on Friday, February 3rd through Reaper Entertainment. Get more info at the links below.

Band photo by Tony Gaskin.


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Memoriam, Rise To Power (Reaper 2023)