Incinerate, Back To Reality (Spirit Coffin 2021)

The second album from Incinerate is Back To Reality and it is banger through and through.

Incinerate is a thrash metal trio from Antwerp, Belgium. There first album was Amazon Violence (2016). The band is Michael (drums), Matthias (guitar), and Nils (bass and vocals), and they play a no-nonsense brand of rough-and-ready thrash that throws the horns up for the roots of the genre while presenting their music in a way that translates perfectly into the world as it is now.

There are ten tracks on Back To Reality, mainly running right in the meat of radio-length. The set kicks off with a roar on the title track. A killer pace in the rhythm and punk-inspired vocals set your blood pumping to the red line. “Human Demise Ritual” has a catchy road rage hook that would work in a Mad Max movie and a stirring, whirling lead break. A snappy bass line leads you into the next track, “Internal Distress,” and it rolls right over you with gushing adrenaline.

One track is as raucous as the next and the entire album is a continuous pay-off. From the longest song (“Synthetic Blood Plasma Bath”) to the shortest (“Room 101”), this album is a treat for head bangers. The set is wrapped with a raw live track at the end, “Erased Earth,” to give you a preview of what you might see in an in-person space. This one is a winner from soup to nuts. Recommended.

The digital, CD, and vinyl has been available for a couple of months from Dead By Dawn Records and the cassette version has just been released by Spirit Coffin Publishing. The live track is only available on the cassette. Touch the links below.




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Incinerate, Back To Reality (Spirit Coffin 2021)