Anthrax, Blue Ridge Rock Festival, Danville, Virginia, September 10, 2021

When classic thrash is on the bill and Anthrax is one of the best. They made a number of festival appearances in 2021 – I saw them three times. There set in Virginia was one of the best of the entire festival.

All photos by Wayne Edwards.





Blue Ridge Rock Festival coverage at Ryze-Up magazine, Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2021 – (

Anthrax, Blue Ridge Rock Festival, Danville, Virginia, September 10, 2021

Day 1: Louder Than Life Festival, Louisville, Kentucky

After skipping one year (like every other festival), Louder Than Life returns to Kentucky with a roar for a four-day event.

The big story is Metallica playing two unique sets to close the show on Friday and Sunday nights. That has to be the show-stopping draw for the festival. But there is more. The other headliners are fan favorites, too: Korn, Disturbed, Judas Priest, Jane’s Addiction, Staind, and Machine Gun Kelly. Add in the robust undercard and there is more than enough music to please any rock fan.

I am at the festival mostly as a fan this year, wandering the grounds and taking a couple of snaps. And listening to the music. Today I am going to do a quick run-down of the grounds to give you an idea of what it is like at Louder Than Life.

Most importantly, there are three stages. Two main stages are erected side-by-side – the Space Zebra Stage and the Loudmouth Stage – and a smaller stage set on the far end of the grounds, the Disruptor Stage. The two mainstages alternate music nearly continuously – when one band finishes, another begins. During each set, the quiet stage is breaking down the previous act and setting up the new one. Fans do not really have to move much to get to the next set.

The Disruptor Stage is running a separate program that overlaps the main stages. It is far enough away that, while you can hear the music from the other stages, it does really affect the bands when they are playing on the Disruptor Stage. It only takes a couple of minutes to walk from the far stage to the main stages when you want to, or you can camp out in either place and listen to music for hours.

There is merch (including a separate stand for Metallica merch), beverages and food – I had Island Noodles for the first time in two years today – and the VIP area is huge, if you want to go that way. Louder Than Life is very well organized and everything is running smoothly. It is easy to get through the gates, and when there is a long line for food or merch, it moves fast.


It was a great first day at Louder Than Life. Three more to go. Passes are still available so check out the festival link below.

Photos by Wayne Edwards.

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Day 1: Louder Than Life Festival, Louisville, Kentucky

T-Shirt Inventory, Sixth Wave

Week six was heavy week at the T-Shirt Inventory Project. By the end of the week I had turned nostalgic and just wanted a beer. Actually, I pretty much always want a beer.

From the “13” Tour.
The Final 2-3 Year Tour.
Green Death.
A Classic Band and a Classic Design.
More Black Sabbath — The End Tour.
One of My Earliest Rock and Roll Influences — Alice Cooper.
My Favorite Bar in Long Beach.
T-Shirt Inventory, Sixth Wave