Gozu, Remedy (Black Light Media 2023)

Boston stoner metal band Gozu returns in peak form on Remedy.

Since about 2008 Gozu has been putting out fuzzy guitar-driven beauties, starting with their self-titled set in that year. It might have been 2016’s Revival that spiked their fan base, or the even more impressive Equilibrium that came out two years after that. Whenever you got on the bandwagon, you know why: it’s stoner it’s doom it’s desert it’s psych – it’s Gozu. The band is Marc Gaffney (vocals, guitar), Joseph Grotto (bass), Doug Sherman (guitar), and Seth Botos (drums).

We’ve gotten used to Gozu albums starting off with a banger and they do it again on Remedy, this time with “Tom Cruise Control.” It is punchy and fun and tongue in cheek, which we knew it would be from the title. The lead guitar break is a beauty, dissipating into a surging riff that heads toward the exit. “CLDZ” follows and is a little more laid back (in a Corrosion of Conformity kind of way) while still maintaining passages of appropriate urgency. When “Rambo 2” kicks in, you start to understand that this is going to be a heavy groove album, with tons of catchy hooks, shifts, and changes. Every song cracks a new one, or two, or three. “Joe Don Baker” sparkles with up-tempo energy while “Pillow Talk” posits a bluesy lane and still takes a long walk in, strutting its stuff.

There are all kinds of surprises in the back side, too. The band pitches a doom tent on “Ben Gazzara Loves No One” and comes out swinging in the second half. They get all spacey with “Ash” … and then flip in some killer hooks. As if that wasn’t enough, the final track is the nine-minute “The Handler.” The song has strong doom presentations in the first half, a bizarre spaciness in the second half, and a long, screechy fade out. For my money, this is another great record from the Land of Gozu. Recommended.

Remedy is out on Friday, May 19th through Black Light Media and Metal Blade Records. Touch the links below.


Bandcamp, https://gozu.bandcamp.com/album/remedy

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/GOZU666

Metal Blade Records, https://www.metalblade.com/us/

Black Light Media, https://www.blacklightmediarecords.com/gozu/

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Gozu, Remedy (Black Light Media 2023)