Ascended Dead, Evenfall Of The Apocalypse (20 Buck Spin 2023)

Death metal monstrosity Ascended Dead have returned with another full-length album, Evenfall Of The Apocalypse.

The band Ascended Dead are from San Diego, California, although, according to some sources, they spent a bit of time in Portland, Oregon as well. I typically see them referred to as a death metal band, which is not wrong, but also misleads a bit because the speed and aggression of the compositions put them on the extreme end of the spectrum. Gird up your loins before you drop the needle on this album. The band is Jon Reider (guitar, vocals), Ian Lawrence (guitar), Kevin Schreutelkamp (bass), and Charlie Koryn (drums).

It sounds like something bad is about to happen when “Intro / Abhorrent Manifestation” first begins … and then it does happen. A raging chaos of percussion and guitars beats your ears with vile intent, opening a passage for the growling vocals that stride in next. It feels filthy, oily. The music sticks to you. It is belligerent and knows nothing other than to attack. “Ungodly Death” follows and continues the assault. At first the music seems a bit more ordered, but the bedlam did not go far away. There is an underlying mathematics to it all, of course, as it is music. It is just that there is so much going on and at such great speed that it is hard to take it all in on the first go around. “Nexus of the Black Flame,” if anything, kicks the mayhem up a notch. This music will run you ragged.

Drink a bottle of water and meditate for a while before you open the box on this one. The album is relentless – it will cage you in, pin you down, and rub you raw. Every song is a killer. Watch out especially for “Inverted Ascension,” one of my personal favorites, and “Passage to Eternity,” which lures you in with a sorrowful embrace then builds to a massive conclusion that smashes your mind with its intricacies. If you are looking for strong, serious metal, this is the album for you. Recommended.

Evenfall Of The Apocalypse is out on Friday, May 12th through 20 Buck Spin. Punch the links below to check out the possibilities.


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Ascended Dead, Evenfall Of The Apocalypse (20 Buck Spin 2023)