Duskwood, The Last Voyage (Ripple 2023)

Get ready for the new album from stoner metal band Duskwood because it is going shake you up: The Last Voyage.

Duskwood came together in 2016 in Somerset, England. Dedicated to the musical institution of desert/stoner metal, they released two impressive records, The Long Dark (2019) and The Lost Tales (2020). Their latest is their long-player The Last Voyage, rolling out through one of the most prominent labels in the field, Ripple Music. The band is Liam Tinsley (vocals), Greg Watts (guitar), Aaron Tinsley (bass), and Hugh Landon (drums)

The Last Voyage is the third and final part of a long story begun and continued on the two previous albums. “The constant theme is the story of a Space Cowboy who travels alone through space and time, observing and documenting large planets, lifeforms and structures. This particular album ends our character’s story arc, being chased through time by an unknown force, his demise and the legacy he leaves.” That makes me think a little bit of Monster Magnet, which turns out to be a pretty good comparison.

After a quick space intro, the set opener gets cracking: “Vagrant.” A pushing riff leads us to the soulful, full-bodied voice of Liam Tinsley (whose singing reminds me a little bit of Ian Astbury, for some reason). It’s a banger, and a great start. “Gammon Lord” goes deeper at a somewhat slower pace at first, feeling and dealing with what is there. Voices get raised and much metal is laid down. Then comes “She Calls,” another ripper – there does not appear to be any slow in Duskwood’s game. Even when the tempo marks down a bit, like with “Blackhand,” the energy is still there, and those big guitars always kick in.

This is a great album. Every song is lush and vibrant, the guitar work is excellent, as is the rhythm section, and the vocals are uncompromising. Make a note about this record for year end “Best Of 2023” lists. Highly recommended.

The Last Voyage is out through Ripple Music on Friday, May 12th and can be had at the links below.


Duskwood website, http://www.duskwood.co.uk/

Bandcamp, https://duskwood.bandcamp.com/album/the-last-voyage

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/duskwoodmusic/

Ripple Music, https://ripplemusic.bigcartel.com/product/duskwood-the-last-voyage-deluxe-vinyl-editions

© Wayne Edwards

Duskwood, The Last Voyage (Ripple 2023)