Lust Witch, Hands Of Filth (2023)

Indianapolis metal band Lust Witch move toward the land of death on their new EP, Hands Of Filth.

I first encountered Lust Witch as a doom trio when I saw them perform at Piere’s Entertainment Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana last year. I immediately joined their fanbase. In 2022, they released an EP titled We All Die Alone, a fully imagined doom set. Since then, they have added a vocalist to the ranks and moved in a direction that more resembles death metal while maintaining some connections to their dooming past. The band is Chad Z. (vocals), Taylor Hoang (bass), Ian Gernhardt (guitar), and Mason Plummer (drums).

“Impetuous Remorse” is a short sharp shot to the head. Groaning, clumping rhythm is rewarded by festering growls in the vocals. “Visceral Discharge” follows with greater acceleration and an immediate entreaty to violence. The music is a steady plunder, encouraged by the grisly singing. There are moments of groove as well that give you a taste for the deed. “Left Dismembered (in a festering ditch)” lays down a heavy bass line that the other instruments pounce on. It is like a dark encounter on a lonely rural road that takes a turn for the grisly.

The EP continues: “Absolute Bedlam.” Here we have what sounds like a chainsaw to open the chaos and frenzy. After that, you’re in for a heavy grind. The final stroke is “The Green Wire,” which ploughs a killer clomp that pounds you relentlessly to the point of pulverization. This set is something new for Lust Witch, and I like what I hear. Recommended.

Hands Of Filth is out now and can be snapped up at Bandcamp. You can get the earlier EP there as well. Link below.




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Lust Witch, Hands Of Filth (2023)