Tanith, Voyage (Metal Blade 2023)

Brooklyn hard rock band Tanith are back with more 70s-inspired wonders on their second album, Voyage.

Tanith formed in 2017 out of an abiding love for 1970s rock and early heavy metal. They put out a couple of tracks on a three-way split with Freeways and Angel Sword in 2019, and in the very same year released their first long-player, In Another Time. They were definitely on a roll and then, like the rest of us, they rolled into the pandemic – or, more accurately, the pandemic rolled into them. As the shadows began to draw back from the covid situation, a second album started to brew. In 2022, suddenly, founding member Charlie Newton decided not to continue with Tanith. Persevering, the remaining musicians forged ahead and put together the incredible set that became Voyage. On the new record, Russ Tippins, known for his work in the metal band Satan, handles guitars and is joined by bassist Cindy Maynard and drummer Keith Robinson.

The first song we hear is “Snow Tiger,” and it is an accurate herald for the entire set, with a beautiful acoustic set-up followed by complex and enjoyable guitars. Vocals are traded off and harmonized between Tippins and Maynard to great effect, broadening and deepening the composition. “Falling Wizard” has a folksy feel to it in my ears, like a musical story told be traveling bards. “Olympus by Dawn” taps a Blue Öyster Cult vein and turns it to the band’s purpose – it is an elegant piece with beautiful guitar work. A fantastic start.

The album plays on, recalling the past, true, but when you try to think of which band the music might sound like, you realize that these songs are their own thing. Sure, I heard a BÖC echo in there on a song or two, but that is an homage and not the only fundament. This is new music, and it rocks from the opening track to the closer, “Never Look Back.” I love this album. Highly recommended.

Voyage is out through Metal Blade Records on Friday, April 21st. Have a look at the links below.


Bandcamp, https://tanithnyc.bandcamp.com/album/voyage

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/TanithNYC/

Metal Blade Records, https://www.metalblade.com/us/artists/tanith/

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Tanith, Voyage (Metal Blade 2023)