Bonginator, The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot (Barbaric Brutality 2023)

Bonginator fires up some gruesome death metal weirdness on The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot.

Bonginator is Erik Thorstenn (guitar, vocals) and Ron Bernhaut (bass). Drums are currently handled by Joseph McNamara; Jake Thompson played them on the album. The name of the band should give you some idea of what you are in for when you drop the needle. But you might be wrong.

There is an intro bit, which is a full-length song, and it is absolutely bizarre. Jam-packed with jazz-space boogie and a narrator who explains that the only way to save the world is to smoke weed … and then smoke more weed. A fascinating set-up, then “Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot” swings open the door. This song has recognizable death metal elements, and some squeals and squeaks that shake things up. And, it definitely cooks. “Zombie Party Rockers” celebrates more weirdness. I am not sure what I expected to hear from a band that calls itself Bonginator. What I am hearing I like a lot. It is unquestionably unique, sometimes sounding like a cross between Primus and Mutoid Man, and sometimes sounding like nothing else.

There is a lot on this record to distract and amaze. Don’t skip “420lb Poop,” which is truly amazing, or the “Blunt Smoke” pairing of the jazzy “Interlude 1” and the terrifying “Suffocation.” “Ritualistic Marijuana-Related Anal Defilement” has a title that pleads for your attention and provides music to back up the hype. It is a wild ride. If you put Bonginator on the bill with any other bands the result will be a crazy night. Recommended.

The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot is out on Monday, April 20th – 4/20 – through Barbaric Brutality. Get the goods at the links below.




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Bonginator, The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot (Barbaric Brutality 2023)