Carcariass, Afterworld (Season Of Mist 2023)

Melodic prog death metal band Carcariass launch their sixth album into the universe, Afterworld.

Carcariass if from France, and its name “comes from Carcharodon Carcharias, the Latin name of the Great White Shark.” Formed more than thirty years ago, the band creates melodic progressive metal, dipping often into death metal territory and regularly regaling listeners with long instrumental passages. After releasing back-to-back records just before the turn of the century, they started to space out their new music, once leaving a gap of ten years between albums. The new record follows 2019’s Planet Chaos, and finds Carcariass flexing in familiar territory. The band is Pascal Lanquetin (guitar), Jérôme Thomas (vocals), Raphaël Couturier (bass), and Bertrand Simonin (drums).

The set gets going on “No Aftermath” with a thumping rhythm that suggests action. Gristly vocals over-shout the other instruments, and a reprieve is found in a brief guitar break. The first song is a sort of overture for the rest of the music. “Billions of Suns” follows. The percussion is battering, and it goes well with the vocals. The guitars, when they reach out on their own, have a more melodic presentation, generally, although they do break into frantic flourishes when the need arises. “Identity” steps in on quieter feet. The music expands from this formative notion into similarly styled executions in the family of the first two tracks.

There is a reassuring regularity about the music on Afterworld. And it certainly is different from other bands that might be labeled in a related way. The biggest attraction for me are the extended instrumental passages. I do appreciate the dissonance of the intentional juxtapositions, too. My favorite tracks on the record include “Angst,” which I hear as a mission statement (and it has great guitar work), and the mysterious, rampaging “Black Rain.” The set finishes on the title song, a beautifully ornate piece displaying impeccable musicianship. Prog fans will find treasures here. Recommended.

Afterworld is out on Friday, April 14th on CD through Season of Mist and digitally in the usual places. Check out the links below.


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Carcariass, Afterworld (Season Of Mist 2023)