Tina Fey – Louise, Split (Nefarious Industries 2023)

Nefarious Industries has put together a Cincinnati double-tap of hardcore with a Tina Fey / Louise split.

So, what do we have here? Four hardcore songs split down the middle by a couple of bands from the river city of Cincinnati.

Tina Fey is Shon Worthington (drums), Bryce Aasen (guitar), and Logan Nichols (guitar, vocals). The band came together just last year and, in October, released Songs About Femboys. In celebration, they have anted up for the split. The two contributions from Tina Fey are both in the three-minute radio-length range. “Nuremberged” starts with a lot of noise and a perhaps a speech, then continues with more noise. There is clanging and screaming, and what sounds like it might be a recitation. A sour, squawky guitar enters for a while, followed by feedback. A sweet, lyrical guitar takes over, riding a nice quiet percussive vamp. It weirdens up again after that, finishing in an entirely different direction. “…Officer” is a little more punky, but the screeching and dissonance turns it quickly toward a less organized subgenre. A large part of the composition is the long off ramp.

Tina Fey

Louise is Kainon Loebker (bass), Kevin Vance (vocals), Paul Estes (guitar), and Harrison Miller (drums). Haunting the same general environs as their split-mates, the band produced a demo a couple years back and now are plunking down two new ones. Louise opts for shorter tracks with hard cracks. “Desert Serpent” has an echoey sound with a heavy bottom and strained vocalizations. Just beyond the center, the song goes slow and sludgy, dragging you through the mud. Nice. “Boulder” gets the job done in eighty-five seconds. It is a lovely flowery piece topped off with screaming.


However you most like your punch in the face, there is a slug in this split for you. Recommended.

The Tina Fey / Louise split is out on Friday, April 7th through Nefarious Industries on digital and cassette. Tap the links below to get yours.

Band photos by Gabrielle Hammarlund.


Tina Fey Bandcamp, https://tinafey.bandcamp.com/album/tina-fey-louise

Louise Bandcamp, https://louisecincy.bandcamp.com/album/tina-fey-louise

Nefarious Industries, https://www.nefariousindustries.com/

© Wayne Edwards

Tina Fey – Louise, Split (Nefarious Industries 2023)