Kommand, Death Age (20 Buck Spin 2023)

Catastrophic death metal is what you’ll hear on the new Kommand album, Death Age.

Los Angeles death metal band Kommand has been kicking around since 2015. After a couple of early demos, their first long-player was Terrorscape in 2020. Now they are back with a new album that is about a “vision of a dystopian hellscape, cities permanently scarred by heavy weaponry, and those unfortunates who survived the onslaught…”. The band is Ian Logan (guitar), Jesse Sanes (vocals), Tim Shriver (bass), Sam Bosson (drums), and Sam Shriver (guitar).

“Final Virus” sounds like a massive doomscape when it opens. The pummeling percussion and growling vocals go along with the rising guitars to form undeniable death metal. “Chimera Soldiers” is rugged from the jump, blasting drums and unrelenting guitars. After a space is made, the tempo settles into a different regime, and rules from there on out. “Global Death” is the revelation of a master plan in a movie with an unconquerable villain. Determined and deliberate, this metal assault stops for on one.

The flip side gives us “Polar Holdout,” a growling monster wreaking havoc from the edge of the known world. The heavy, thick vocals sell the tale as the sharp lead guitar drives it home. “Fleeing Western Territories” does conjure feelings of flight, and of desperate peril. The tension is present throughout the song, and it has a cumulative effect, turning you ever faster. The last track is “Collapse Metropolis.” From the title I could not help but visualize the old movie, the really old silent film and how this devastating ravagement could play over the action of the catastrophe. It would be perfect. These six songs form an excellent set. I can’t wait to hear even more. Recommended.

Death Age sees the light of day on Friday, March 31st through 20 Buck Spin on CD, digital, vinyl, and cassette. Poke around at the links below.

Band photo by Kris Kirk.


Kommand website, https://www.kommand.band/

Bandcamp, https://listen.20buckspin.com/album/death-age

20 Buck Spin, https://www.20buckspin.com/

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Kommand, Death Age (20 Buck Spin 2023)