Astriferous, Pulsations From The Black Orb (Me Saco Un Ojo 2023)

Costa Rican death metal band Astriferous offer their debut album, Pulsations From The Black Orb.

Formed in San José, Costa Rica five years ago, heavy metallers Astriferous have been building toward their first long-player with an EP, a split, and a couple of demos. You could say the new record is the logical progression of the music that has come before. Filled with dark magic and cosmic dread, Pulsations From The Black Orb is a big step up. According to the Metal Archives, the band is José María Arrea (drums), Federico Gutiérrez (guitar, vocals), Felipe Tencio (guitar, vocals), José Pablo Phillips (bass, vocals).

There are eight tracks on the new album, beginning appropriately with “Intro (The Black Orb).” The music builds slowly with a distant echo that grows to become an ominous presence. Doom takes over, with slow heavy footsteps. “Blinding the Seven Eyes of God” is a broad death metal presentation, with whirling guitars and growling, croaking vocals. The construction is such that a caustic attack is followed by a heavy melt or a groove to break up the rampage in your ears. It is a very effective approach, especially combined with the forlorn lead guitar. “Teleport Haze” is another crusher while “Metasymbiosis” opts for a more measured assault.

The side two lede is the short piece “Forlorn and Immemorial,” a windswept ethereal notion. “Ominous and Malevolent” shows its doom cards first and brings the death metal in later. This altering progression is not unique to the incumbent, and it works well for many metal bands. In the case of Astriferous, it is a defining characteristic. The death metal passages are often chaotic, while the doom brings a kind of resolute order. “Lunomancy” lays down the moon magic and the closer, “Symmetries that Should Not Be,” is the stuff of waking nightmares, guaranteed to make you second guess ever leaving the house again. Taken together, this is a solid set of crushing metal. Recommended.

Pulsations From The Black Orb is out on Friday, March 10th through Me Saco Un Ojo Records (vinyl) and Pulverised Records (CD). Check out the details at links below.



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Astriferous, Pulsations From The Black Orb (Me Saco Un Ojo 2023)