Act Of Impalement, Infernal Ordinance (Caligari 2023)

Ten years in, Act of Impalement throws out some of their best metal so far with the new album Infernal Ordinance.

Formed in Nashville in 2012, Act Of Impalement is a metal band that layers and infuses a variety of heavy styles in their music. In the early days, the band released three demos, two EPs, and a split with Forest of Tygers. When 2018 came around, the first long-player emerged, Perdition Cult. Since then, fans have waited five tense years for new music, and now they have been rewarded. The studio lineup for the new album is Ethan Rock (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Grogan (bass), and Zack Ledbetter (drums).

In less than thirty minutes, Act Of Impalement rips through nine devastating tracks. First up is “Summoning the Final Conflagration.” The first notes are doom, supplanted almost immediately by chaos, followed then with a thrashing blackened explosion of riffs. Less than a minute in, they settle into a chopping groove that cuts a swath in the musical landscape as wide as the Mississippi. The vocals are a gruff croak, dry as desert-buried death. It is a very promising start. “Bogbody” drops in next, and it is a flat out sprint to the two minute finish line. There is some black metal riffing in the middle and a nice shred, too. “In Wolflight” we find a howl of despair and aggression, while “Specters of Unlight” returns to a longer form and takes a more challenging posture. The vocals are more whispery here, and the threat is real. This is my favorite track on the album because of its many components that are seamlessly woven together in what can sensibly be called a musical tapestry. Excellent.

“Creeping Barrage” is the short track I like best – the riff and vocals are in precise spiritual alignment. “Death Hex” stands out, too, with is beastly bass line. The last word is “Erased,” the longest song on the record. It offers a heavy doom set-up and finish, with blistering guitar instances that will cook your synapses. I think this album is the best yet from Act Of Impalement. Recommended.

Infernal Ordinance is out on Thursday, February 2nd through Caligari Records. Hit the Bandcamp link below for the quick grab.




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Act Of Impalement, Infernal Ordinance (Caligari 2023)