Godwatt, Vol. III (Time To Kill 2022)

Italian heavy metal band Godwatt release their third (and seventh) album, Vol. III.

The band was originally named Godwatt Redemption when it was formed in 2006, and they released a few albums under that moniker. In 2013, they switched to singing in Italian on their recordings and shortened their name to Godwatt. The new record is Vol. III, and the math still eludes me on that one (because they have released seven LPs, an EP, and a demo), but however we count, the musicians are veterans who have been plying their trade for a great long while. The music grows from solid classic metal and doom, reaching in unique directions from that firm grounding. The band is Moris Fosco (guitar, vocals, effects), Mauro Birdman (bass), and Jacopo Granieri (drums).

The gates open with “Signora Morte.” It is not what I expected. There is a strong Deep Purple vibe here, with an enduring “Space Truckin’” momentum, seemingly at odds with the title. But then, as I often point out, my knowledge of romance languages is scant, so whatever the lyrics might mean is lost on me in any case. It has a charging sound and great rambler riff. “Sepolta” comes next and is paced at a more moderated tempo, bringing out a stronger sense of doom. Heavy and grim, this song has a challenging lead guitar line that starts out in the vein of Thin Lizzy before breaking toward Candlemass. It gives you something to think about. “Croce” bends your head down even farther, dripping as it does with dark atmosphere. The album is off to an excellent start with these three very different looks.

“Delirio” has a great chop, and “Oscura” offers fear-inducing thunder-riffs. The heaviness is coming through unfiltered on these two. The final remarks are “Non Ritornerai” and “Lamenti.” The former has my favorite lead work of the set, and the latter draws out the ending with titillating luxuriousness. This album is a tight doom jam that leaves you wanting more. Recommended.

Vol. III is out now through Time To Kill Records. Explore the options at the links below.


Bandcamp, https://godwatt.bandcamp.com/album/vol-iii

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/godwatt/

Time To Kill Records, https://timetokillrecords.bigcartel.com/category/godwatt

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Godwatt, Vol. III (Time To Kill 2022)