Congealed Putrescence, Within The Ceaseless Murk (Caligari 2022)

New Orleans death metal band Congealed Putrescence offer their second EP, Within The Ceaseless Murk.

Congealed Putrescence is a mystery quartet in that little is given as background for the band. I guess you have to be in New Orleans to know much about them. We do know there was an earlier EP, Dissolved in Hyphae, but that is about it. The Metal Archives tells us the band members are Steven Hendricks (bass, vocals), Ian Hennessey (guitar), Matthew Moorin (guitar), and Alex Babineaux (drums).

There are four tracks on the new EP, each hovering around the three-minute mark. First, we hear “Advection,” and it is a murky rampage. Turn it up and you can better discern the complexities. There are elements on the surface that are easily digestible – memorable bits that have their own hook and groove. Beneath, vile legions wage war not for conquest but for the sake of the struggle. A similar construction exists in the framework of “Gelid Fathomless Suffering,” although the song itself is quite different. There are several layers at play, is the main point. You can hear them all at once, but you really have to pay attention.

“Suffocating Brain” is a stomping giant, wasting whatever lay before it. Big riffs and catastrophic percussion rule the day. The vocals are a howling wind, and the lead guitar break will twist you until you snap. “Burning Off” has whirling speed and carnivorous singing. Pockmarked with eager clandestine desires, the music seethes with a vile purpose. These four songs are great, and I want to hear more. Recommended.

Within The Ceaseless Murk is out now through Caligari Records on cassette and digital. You can have it at the links below. Also look up the band’s earlier EP, Dissolved in Hyphae, which is on Bandcamp, too, and is a fascinating entity of its own.



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Congealed Putrescence, Within The Ceaseless Murk (Caligari 2022)