The Necromancers, Where The Void Rose (Ripple 2022)

French horror metalists The Necromancers have new stories to tell on their third album, Where The Void Rose.

Since 2015, The Necromancers – a heavy rock / doom band from France – have been telling dark tales set to music. They have released two previous full-length albums, Servants of the Salem Girl (2017) and Of Blood and Wine (2018). Get ready for mid-tempo doom with plenty of fuzzy riffs. The band is Simon Evariste (bass), Benjamin Rousseau (drums), Basile Chevalier-Coudrain (vocals, guitar), and Robin Genais (guitar).

Not a concept album as such, Where The Void Rose “tells the story of a decaying world, where some try to hold the hordes in the depths while others yearn to plunge into the abyss, exhilarated by the discovery of new knowledge and eager for answers in the face of the inevitable. Venturing to the junction of the land and sea, the band confront the tumult of the ocean and explore the sunken ruins of our civilization…” You can think of it as a collection of horror stories with related themes.

There are six songs on the new album, opening with “Sunken Huntress,” which heads out at a dead run. The music has a feeling of quest to it. You get the impression you are on a hurried journey on horseback with an expiring deadline hovering over you and desperados at your back. “Crimson Hour” slows the pace considerably, turning more reflective and carrying a heavier tone, generally. It is the longest cut on the album and enjoys the space to explore. “The Needle” has a nice 1980s riff leading into a rumbling bass line and narrative set-up that creates anticipation. The vocals range from melodic to gruff, driving the drama in the story.

Side two gives us “Orchard,” an ominous track, draped in a dark cloak and seeping mystic energy. The guitar in this song is a wondrous thing. “Where the Void Rose” is not what I expected from a title track in that it has an unusual gate and trajectory unlike the other music on the album. It is beautiful and engaging; somber and thought-provoking. They are playing the long game on this one, and the build goes all the way to the end. “Over the Threshold” finishes things off on a rumbling note with high energy and dark promises. It is a fantastic way to wrap the set up. Recommended.

Where The Void Rose is out now in digital through Ripple Music. CD and vinyl versions will ship in January 2023. Check out the label shop or Bandcamp to pick it up.




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The Necromancers, Where The Void Rose (Ripple 2022)