Barabbas, La Mort Appelle Tous Les Vivants (Sleeping Church 2022)

French doom band Barabbas offer their latest for your dark enjoyment, La Mort Appelle Tous Les Vivants.

Barabbas began about fifteen years ago in France. Their first EP, Libérez Barabbas, came out in 2011, and was followed by the band’s debut long-player, Messe pour un chien, in 2014. The new album is only their second full-length release, which is surprising given its power and depth you hear when you listen to it. The band is Saint Stéphane (guitar), Saint Rodolphe (vocals), Saint Thomas (guitar), Saint Jean-Christophe (drums), and Saint Alexandre (bass).

There are seven primary tracks on the new record, plus an intro and an off ramp. The band states that their primary influences are Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, and Cathedral. You can really hear that in the music and, as far as I am concerned, it is all for the better. “Je suis mort depuis bien longtemps” opens with massive, killer riffs followed by earnest, pressing vocals. I do not speak French so the vocals are a pure instrument to me, and they sound fantastic. The music takes a solemn turn as it edges toward the halfway mark, then the lead guitar comes in and knocks you out. A great opener.

There are up-tempo tracks like “Le saint riff rédempteur” that get you blood pumping at the beginning of the song and others that are almost doom ballads, like “Le cimetière des rêves brises,” where the darkness is more measured. In every case, the guitar work is exceptional, and the heaviness is always the driving force. Look to “Mon crâne est une crypte (et j’y suis emmuré)” for some of the most engaging doom I have heard all year. This album has me going back and listening to everything Barabbas has done before. Highly recommended.

La Mort Appelle Tous Les Vivants is out now through Sleeping Church Records in digital and CD formats. Have a look at the links below – Bandcamp is always a good bet in the US.




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Barabbas, La Mort Appelle Tous Les Vivants (Sleeping Church 2022)