Black Anvil, Regenesis (Season Of Mist 2022)

New York metal band Black Anvil release their first album in five years, Regenesis.

Black Anvil came together in 2007 at the end of the first lifecycle of New York hardcore band Kill Your Idols. Since then, they have released four full-length albums, a split, and an EP. They are typically described as a black metal band, and while that label does cover part of the story, it also leaves quite a lot out.

There are twelve cuts on the new record. After a solemn intro, black metal riffs and vocals reign on “In Two.” As the song goes on, the style transforms into more of a melodic death metal stance. Dark metal, really. By the end of the song, it has become an explosive amalgamation. “The Bet” follows a similar trajectory while veering less and remaining more caustic overall. It is more of a battering, “The Bet,” and we’re the better for it – a nice sharp punch to keep our attention. “8-bit Terror” is considerably different, making the set hard to clock in a narrow way. The music is expansive, pulsing on a sigmoid wave that is writhing itself.

I found “Silver and Steele” particularly compelling, and I say that meaning to take nothing away from the rest of set. This one, though, found a way in and a way to stay. “Grant Us His Love” is notable for the wrecking ball it will take to your sensibilities. The final song is the title track. It feels like a mantra and a command at the same time. A herald also, you might say, and a reckoning, like the album in total. Recommended.

Regenesis is out now through Season of Mist. Examine the options at the links below.

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Black Anvil, Regenesis (Season Of Mist 2022)