Captain Caravan / Kaiser, Turned To Stone Chapter 6 (Ripple 2022)

Captain Caravan and Kaiser split vinyl sides on Turned To Stone Chapter 6.

A new chapter in Ripple Music’s Turned To Stone series of splits is always something to look forward to. On the latest, Chapter 6, you can get your fuzz on with Norway’s Captain Caravan and Finland’s Kaiser.

Captain Caravan started in 2015, releasing their first full-length album three years later. They play a heavy brand of stoner music with plenty of fuzz and a charging rhythm. A good example of this is the first track of the five they contribute to the split, “Down.” It is a raucous affair, and is followed directly by the groovy number, “Sailors.” “Painted Wolf,” on the other hand, has a more measured pace. “She Can” casts a bluesy tinge and the closer, “Void,” will bring out the wicked in you. All five tracks are killers and, when it is done, you’ll want to drop the needle at the start and hear all five songs one more time before flipping the record over.

Kaiser has been around for about ten years, laying down trippy stoner vibes all the while. They put out an early EP, and then their debut long-player 1st Sound (2018). The music on the new split is excitingly variegated. The set opens with “Howl,” which is a thinker with an intriguing intro. “Fire” follows and it is a two-and-a-half-minute rocker that stomps and rages. “Black Sand Witch” has a doomier feeling to it and at the same time maintains considerable momentum. There is also a blistering lead guitar break in there. The final piece is the epic “Phoenix,” in three movements. Running over nine minutes, this song is very different from the others while still containing familiar elements. It is entrancing, bewitching, beguiling.

Turned To Stone Chapter 6 is out now through Ripple Music, and we highly recommend it. Check the links below to see if any of the physicals remain. There is always digital, no matter what. At Bandcamp, you can subscribe to Ripple Music and get all their new releases plus a massive tome of back-titles, too. It is the best deal in heavy music, and you will find out about new releases in time to grab the ones you want on vinyl or CD, and listen to it all on digital, too.



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Captain Caravan / Kaiser, Turned To Stone Chapter 6 (Ripple 2022)