Sacrilegion, From Which Nightmares Crawl (Chaos Records 2022)

The debut album from Salt Lake City death metal band Sacrilegion will darken your dreams: From Which Nightmares Crawl.

Sacrilegion is but four years old. They dropped a demo early, then worked diligently in the intervening years honing sound and craft to create their debut full-length album, From Which Nightmares Crawl. Provisioned against mediocrity, the music blends and alternates death metal with groove, melody, and dark vileness, achieving results not often heard elsewhere. The band is Connor G. Carlson (vocals, guitar), Geronimo Santa Cruz (guitar), Alex Seolas (bass), and Ashton J. Childs (drums).

The curtain opens on “A Terrible Pilgrimage To Seek The Nighted Throne,” a sideways and sour squeeze that straightens out and drives directly to your brain. The steady clomp gets banged around by surprising entrants, tossing the groove to the floor then picking it up again. It is a bruising death metal piece enhanced with edges and weight. “Puritanical Dementia” crashes through the door next, bringing a rampage with it. Like an explosion that won’t stop, this song runs you ragged. “Tainting The Sky With Red” is more of a scheduled degradation in that it hangs onto linearity a bit more – but not completely by any means. By the time the title track arrives, you feel like you are being hunted. No place to run, no escape. This song is a shaggy, croaking masterpiece.

Already taken and overcome, you might need a break before finishing the record, but finish it you must. Songs like “Legacy Of The Impaler” await you, where the infernal is exposed and let loose on an unprepared world. The chop of the middle riff is terminal. “Creaking Shadows” tastes of black metal and touches dark poison to your lips. Great song, this one, but then none of them go wrong. This album is a killer, front to back. Recommended.

From Which Nightmares Crawl is out on Friday, December 9th through Chaos Records on digital, CD, cassette, and vinyl. Check it out at the links below.


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Sacrilegion, From Which Nightmares Crawl (Chaos Records 2022)