Mother Of Graves, Where The Shadows Adorn (Wise Blood 2022)

The debut full-length album from Indianapolis doom band Mother of Graves is Where The Shadows Adorn.

Mother Of Graves came together in Indiana’s capital city in 2019. Just last year they released their first EP, In Somber Dreams, and the title track from that record made on to Metal Blade Records’ Metal Massacre XV anthology. I think of their music as doom metal because I have such an abiding affection for that kind of music. In fact, Mother Of Graves has a broader reach and, while their sound is massively heavy, it spills out into the musical lands that surround doom. The band is Brandon Howe (vocals, keys). Chris Morrison (guitar), Ben Sandman (guitar), Corey Clark (bass), and Don Curtis (drums).

There are eight songs on the new album, beginning with the title track. A solitary piano breaks the silence and starts an avalanche that is slow at first, then builds momentum and force until is flows over the cliff. Howe’s commanding voice delivers the message surrounded by abominable riffs and lyrical keys., Rather than being in juxtaposition, the combination and enmeshing of these forces coalesce into a greater whole. While the opening track is a shining example, you can expect this manner of creation in the other songs as well.

“Rain” is a bit more straightforward in its construction and features a beautifully somber movement. “Tears Like Wine” goes in another direction and has the feeling of a story (and/or a warning) told by a traveling heavy metal mage. Very mystical. “Of Solitude and Stone” has one of the greatest ranges in sound and force in the set and “Ghost in the Twilight” is filled to its very edges with drama.

It all comes to a close on “The Caliginous Voice,” the longest track on the record. The lead-in bars are filled with emotion. When the big riffs land, you are in a state to accept the weight of the unfolding message. Paced perfectly, the song takes you on a journey that will stay I your mind long after the music stops. I would say the same about the album overall. Recommended.

Where The Shadows Adorn is out now through Wise Blood Records. You can listen and buy at the links below.




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Mother Of Graves, Where The Shadows Adorn (Wise Blood 2022)