Michael Schenker Group at Piere’s, Ft. Wayne, October 12, 2022

Michael Schenker’s 50th Anniversary Universal world tour made a stop at Piere’s last week in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker is a guitar legend. From his earliest work with the Scorpions (along with his brother Rudolf and Klaus Meine) and, more significantly, UFO, Schenker has been a non-stop force in hard rock for decades. He originally put together the Michael Schenker Group initially in 1978, and it has drifted apart and reformed a few times over the years. The current tour is in support of the band’s latest album, Universal (Atomic Fire 2022).

The show opened with Images of Eden, a metal band from Pennsylvania. Supporting their current EP, Weathered And Torn, Gordon Tittsworth and company performed a style of music that is a combination of classic metal and modern rock that relies heavily on the impassioned vocal delivery the band has become known for.

Images Of Eden

Eric Martin of Mr. Big fame had the middle set. On the current tour, Martin plays acoustic guitar and sings songs that are a little bit dialed back from what Mr. Big fans might be used to hearing from him. His set was excellent, performing with veteran musicians and interacting with the crowd at Piere’s.

Eric Martin

Michael Schenker’s set started with him walking out on stage and announcing the first song, “Into the Arena,” an instrumental opener that sparked a fire. Schenker then introduced front man Ronnie Romero who took the stage and led with “Cry For The Nations.” The combination of Romero and Schenker is formidable to say the least. The show was amazing, and my favorite part was hearing all those UFO tunes live once again. The Michael Schenker Group is one of those bands I never get tired of seeing.

Ronnie Romero
Michael Schenker Group
Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker Group is on tour for the rest of the month and into November in the US – check out the tour poster for cities and dates. Also look for more photos of all three bands in the coming days at FFMB. Links to the photo galleries will be added in this article as they each go live.

Photos by Wayne Edwards.

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Michael Schenker Group at Piere’s, Ft. Wayne, October 12, 2022