Megadeth, The Sick, The Dying … And The Dead! (Nuclear Blast 2022)

The 16th album from Megadeth continues the storied tradition of a legendary thrash band.

We don’t need to go over the history of Megadeth do we, or its place in metal history? All right. I have been listening to the band’s records since the very first one. There have been ups and downs in the sense that there are big differences in the albums, one to the next. That sort of situation will give fans the opportunity to pick favorites. I like the harder-edged ones, the faster ones, the most, but I can listen to any of them and feel good about it. Megadeth helped define thrash, and that will always be true. The band is Dave Mustaine (guitar, vocals), James LoMenzo (bass), Kiko Loureiro (guitar), and Dirk Verbeuren (drums). The bass tracks for the album were re-recorded by Steve Di Giorgio (Testament) after David Ellefson was excommunicated.

The albums opens on the title track. There is a long lead-in before any guitars can be heard. They step in carefully, then drop the anvil and head down a mid-tempo lane. Dave Mustaine sounds great, and the playing is impeccable, if a little subdued. We do get a couple of blistering lead breaks in the second track, “Life In Hell,” and they are most welcome. Ice-T steps in on “Night Stalkers” and gives it a boost. This is the best track so far, for me, anyway. I like the primary riff and the breaks, and, of course, Ice-T’s pairing with Mustaine’s voice.

Other big tracks for me are “Sacrifice,” which has a delightfully menacing tone and wonderfully whirling guitars, and “Mission To Mars.” That second one makes me think of John Carpenter in title and construction. Once it gets going, nothing will keep it from pushing through. The horror movie feel is fantastic. “We’ll Be Back” is a killer, too. Overall, this is a decent album and very much what I expected. Recommended.

The Sick, The Dying … And The Dead! Is out now through Nuclear Blast Records and is available everywhere. Pick your poison.

Photos by Wayne Edwards.


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Megadeth, The Sick, The Dying … And The Dead! (Nuclear Blast 2022)