The 69 Eyes, Drive (Atomic Fire 2022)

Goth ‘N’ Roll originators The 69 Eyes invite you to get into their car for a little trip on their new EP, Drive.

OK, look, maybe you know about the Helsinki Vampires and maybe you don’t. The 69 Eyes is a more recognized act outside the US, true, but whatever your perspective, you cannot deny their gravitational pull over thirty-three years and twelve albums, several of of which have gone platinum. From Helsinki, Finland, the band is Jyrki 69 (vocals), Bazie (guitar), Timo Timo (guitar), Archzie (bass), and Jussi 69 (drums).

Drive is a quick take, with three radio-length songs and a bonus live track on the physical formats. The title track is first, and it is pop rock gold with a light-hearted sinisterness in the vocal and an extra dose of catchiness so you won’t forget it. It is a little bit like a combination of Golden Earring and Type O Negative, if Peter Steele had toned it down and perked it up a lot. A delight.

“Call Me Snake” opens on muted mechanical noises, quickly introducing a nice fuzzy riff and then a guitar melody. Jyrki 69 steps in and rubs a healthy does of soft goth on it all. The reference is fairly obvious, and it makes me smile, as does the lead guitar break at the midpoint. “California” is the driving-est of the songs on Drive. You can feel the wind on your face as you drive your convertible out of the hills around Malibu and head toward the city. Spot on – vampires in LA.

“Two Horns Up” is a live track you only get when you buy one of the physical versions of the EP. It is a great song, and it is nice to hear what a live experience can be like. I think this brief collection of tunes from The 69 Eyes is the perfect introduction to the band for those who are new to their music. Long-time fans, of course, are always happy to have something more from this storied party band. Recommended.

Drive is out on Friday, September 16th through Atomic Fire Records.

Band photo by Marek Sabogal.


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The 69 Eyes, Drive (Atomic Fire 2022)