Inhuman Condition, Fearsick (Listenable Insanity 2022)

Death and thrash metal combine to form a musical juggernaut with Inhuman Condition on their new record, Fearsick.

Less than two years in, Florida metal band Inhuman Condition is making a big splash in the heavy music pool. Peopled by musicians of notable pedigree, we have a line-up to reckon with: Jeramie Kling (vocals and drums – Venom, Inc., The Absence), Taylor Nordberg (guitar – Deicide, The Absence), and Terry Butler (bass – Obituary, Death, Massacre). Releasing their debut album Rat°God right out of the gate in 2021, they are back at it again now with Fearsick.

There are nine boiling tracks on the new album. First up is “The Mold Testament,” opening with a solitary guitar riff that is steady and determined. The vocals join, and they are gruff yet decipherable. There is an early thrashy shift that makes sure you are paying attention, and the hook returns so your bearings are not lost. “Recycled Hate” is a different animal, already worked up into a lather at the jump and proceeding as it does with a heavy, meaty chop. “Caustic Vomit Reveries” adds chaos to the mix. The guitars buzz and the rhythm alternates between cracking on and laying back. Piercing lead guitar moments pop in here and there, and the machine rolls on.

“I’m Now The Monster” is one the most memorable tracks. Released as one of the singles leading up to the drop date for the album, it also has a video to go along with it. Hitting the riff hard as with most tracks, this song makes greater use of vocal innovations to go along with the tempo changes and the accent of expanded lead guitar entries.

Watch out for “Hellucid,” too, with its dramatic presentation in the middle and “Wound Collector” for its chronically sinister touches. The curtain is drawn with “Where Pain Is Infinity,” a growling, merciless affair. This final song has some of the heaviest anticipatory moments of the set, and it wraps things up perfectly. This album will definitely get you moving on down the road. Recommended.

Fearsick is out on Friday, July 15th through Listenable Insanity Records. Grab and go at Bandcamp – link below.




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Inhuman Condition, Fearsick (Listenable Insanity 2022)