Perdition Temple, Merciless Upheaval (Hells Headbangers 2022)

Perdition Temple returns with their fierce fourth album, Merciless Upheaval.

Tampa’s Perdition Temple came together in 2009 with a musical mission first articulated on Edict of the Antichrist Elect (2010). An EP followed, then in 2015, The Tempter’s Victorious. Each new release was a step forward in the band’s formidable history. Rough seas ensued for a couple of years, followed by a renewed, solidified front on 2020’s Sacraments of Descension. The band is Gene Palubicki (vocals, guitar), Alex Blume (bass), and Ron Parmer (drums).

The new album has four original songs and four covers. New songs first. The title track breaks the ice, and my first thought is that the title is perfect. It is like a soundtrack to chaos with percussive savagery, willfully violent guitars, and Palubicki’s coarse and commanding vocals. “Execution Swarm” continues the death metal attack. The short lead guitar segments are like dive bombers aimed at your brain.

“Redemption Abattoir” might be my favorite track because of the turns it takes throughout. Every corner it explores fills in the picture a little bit more. “In Thrall of Malevolence” is clandestine in the way it circles around you, ultimately coming at you from every direction.

The covers are fascinating choices including classic bands all fans will know together with names that are less recognizable to some: Infernal Majesty, Pestilence, Shub Niggurath, and Morbid Angel. “Skeletons In The Closet” and “Blood On My Hands” are fantastic and especially wonderful to hear in these new renditions. I am delighted to see Perdition Temple offering respect to these storied bands with such reminiscences. The structure of the album is a winner, with half original tracks and half covers, the band has hit on a memorable combination. Recommended.

Merciless Upheaval is out through Hells Headbangers on Friday, June 24th. Have a look at the label’s shop and the band’s links.

Photos by Wayne Edwards, Higher Ground, Burlington, Vermont, 2019.




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Perdition Temple, Merciless Upheaval (Hells Headbangers 2022)