Woorms, Fatalismo (SuperNova Records 2022)

Sludge metal maestros Woorms order a reckoning on their new album Fatalismo.

Woorms is a fairly new band, having started about five years ago. Being centered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, might have had something to do with the sound that emerged from them – after all, just think of the list of bands that have come from the area. Whatever led them to the path they are on now, let’s just be glad they are making music for us hear. The musicians are Joey Carbo (guitar, vocals, keys), John Robinson (bass), and Aaron Polk (drums).

There is an overriding sense of unsettledness and generalized tension that verily beams throughout this album. Each song is an individual instantiation of the overarching idea, telling a specific, but not always transparent, story.

As an example, in its first half “This Is Nothing Short of Character Assassination” is a delightful soundtrack piece you might expect to hear when a particularly complicated part of a heist movie is underway on the screen. That set-up puts you in a particular frame of mind. The second half of the song is soliloquy, and what a story there is in it. Strife, struggle, and ultimately a solution. But exactly who is the narrator? You know what I mean – is this something someone is saying to you or is it a story about somebody else. Hard to say.

Then think about this one, “Mezzo Mort,” which is an amazing expression of frustration, at least that’s the way I hear it. The percussion and bass line are incredible, and the lyrics are words to live by. Maybe. Or maybe not. To where do these observed actions take us? Where would following along lead us? Exactly.

The music is sludge in its origins but it exists in a broader realm. More than usual, I feel I am projecting when I think I hear influences of Primus and the Melvins in there. What do I know? I like the music I am hearing. It is heavy, sometimes complex and sometimes simple and sometimes both at the same time. This new one has got me looking in all directions for Woorms. Recommended.

Fatalismo is out on Friday, May 13th through SuperNova Records on digital, with physical formats to follow directly. Scoop them up at Bandcamp or your other favorite places.


Bandcamp, https://woorms.bandcamp.com/music

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/WOORMSband

SuperNova Records, https://supernovarecordsusa.com/

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Woorms, Fatalismo (SuperNova Records 2022)