Cryptum, Vile Emergence (Caligari Records 2022)

Joliet, Illinois’ own Cryptum bleed black on their new EP, Vile Emergence.

Cryptum came together very recently, just in the past couple of years. Their self-title demo was a solid declaration of straight-ahead death metal. The new EP has four tracks that stretch out more and give listeners additional perspectives to consider. The band is Kyle Pooley (drums), Carlos Santini (guitar), Mike Brilmyer (vocals), Trevor Cook (guitar), and Matthew Aguilar (bass).

Each song has an attitude all its own. Together they form a quadrangle, and they also, at the same time (in denial of accepted geometric principles), demonstrate a clear progression in complexity. You hear heavy weight doom along with steamrolling death metal and dark hooks that latch onto your skeleton and leave gnawing marks.

“Torrent of Infinite Time” is a threatening piece of heavy music. The riffs are crushing, the vocals demonic. “Volitional Sacrilege” extends the wickedness into new realms with a bit more tempo and deepened darkness. These first two make you believe there is something in the shadows. A tortuous lead crack and vile growl signals the end is near.

“Dead Celestial Bodies” gets down to business with a rapid, dirty rhythm and schizophrenic whorls that come and go. “Vile Emergence” is the final assault. The tone is serious, and the licks are violent. All gears are turning at fever pitch. This one is the closer and it’s the one you’ll hit replay on more than once.

I’m sold. These four songs are an excellent portfolio for fans to peruse. If you want an exercise, listen to this one first then take a few minutes to hear the band’s earlier demo. Comparing the two, you can see the roots and what they grew into with the new EP. Recommended.

Vile Emergence comes out on digital, CD, and tape through Caligari Records on February 24th.




Caligari Records,

Cryptum, Vile Emergence (Caligari Records 2022)